Beta Ending!!

Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:07 pm by WTFlash

Alright ladies and gentlemen, the site exists and many of you have already posted and a select few are already approved. It's time to really kick things off with the real release! The plot will be posted; bijuu locations will be discovered and you can begin interaction in the game itself.

But no game works without a staff!

I have talked to and assigned many individuals already, however, if you …

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The Bijuu

Tue May 04, 2010 2:58 am by WTFlash

--The Bijuu

Centipede - A large three eye'd Centipede beast with the extending tail of a scorpion. A beast known for its ability to mimic and copy cat other insect, the Centipede Bijuu is one of espionage and deceit. It has the power to transform and change every aspect of itself to be almost the same. Everything from appearance, to scent, to chakra signature. However, when mimicking a human, …

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Project Shinobi -- The Plot Thickens

Mon May 03, 2010 12:10 am by WTFlash


This is a naruto roleplay experience experiment in which the site has been formulated from what I feel is the best aspects of every site that I have been to, and complete them in a way that is both simple and complex. Taking experiences and ideas from 'Ingoo' 'U.S.' 'Mura of Shinobi' 'TNRPG' 'Shinobi Armada' 'Naruto Legacy' 'Naruto Revolved' 'Naruto: Joukaiden' …

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Genjutsu Guide/Template

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Genjutsu Guide/Template

Post by WTFlash on Mon May 03, 2010 9:34 pm

Genjutsu are a powerful and high leveled type of technique based around the use of illusion. Unlike ninjutsu and taijutsu; the use of genjutsu isn’t as straight forward and is thus I feel it necessary to define the use of genjutsu (if only) for site use. In Infinity Shinobi, genjutsu and universal illusions are limited to the manipulation of the opponents senses. Aka, the illusion commands what the opponent can see, smell, feel, taste and hear. With that said, the use of genjutsu for subconscious effects such as mental blocks, forms of hypnosis, or hormonal effects (aka, effects on emotions) are all restricted to clan based abilities.

With that clarified, one more requirement for genjutsu to be used. There has to be some sort of trigger for the illusion; a cue in which one of the senses is stimulated and used as a bridge/medium for the illusion. Genjutsu can’t just ‘work’ because if that were the case it could be considered a form of god modding. A simple example of an illusion trigger would be the opponent having to look at the opponent while they are forming hand signs, or listen to a particular note; or even smell a particular sent. One can even touch the opponent to transfer genjutsu; using the stimulation of the sense of touch. The idea behind genjutsu is that chakra is used to manipulate the opponents nervous system, thus stimulation of the nervous system is needed to act as a medium. In any case, each genjutsu has one specific way in which they are triggered.

Of course, in the description it is best to define the effects of the illusion and illustrate any effects on the senses. All illusions have a duration in which they stay active; either a set duration in number of posts, or the duration can be decided by the user. No illusions is permanent. In the later example, one must state the amount of charka burned per post in order to maintain the illusion.

Thus, Genjutsu has it’s own template that includes duration and trigger so that they aren’t forgotten.

Type: Genjutsu
-Duration:(indefinite or # or posts)

[b]Type:[/b] Genjutsu
-Duration:(indefinite or # or posts)


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