Beta Ending!!

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, the site exists and many of you have already posted and a select few are already approved. It's time to really kick things off with the real release! The plot will be posted; bijuu locations will be discovered and you can begin interaction in the game itself.

But no game works without a staff!

I have talked to and assigned many individuals already, however, if you …

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The Bijuu

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--The Bijuu

Centipede - A large three eye'd Centipede beast with the extending tail of a scorpion. A beast known for its ability to mimic and copy cat other insect, the Centipede Bijuu is one of espionage and deceit. It has the power to transform and change every aspect of itself to be almost the same. Everything from appearance, to scent, to chakra signature. However, when mimicking a human, …

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Project Shinobi -- The Plot Thickens

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This is a naruto roleplay experience experiment in which the site has been formulated from what I feel is the best aspects of every site that I have been to, and complete them in a way that is both simple and complex. Taking experiences and ideas from 'Ingoo' 'U.S.' 'Mura of Shinobi' 'TNRPG' 'Shinobi Armada' 'Naruto Legacy' 'Naruto Revolved' 'Naruto: Joukaiden' …

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Hara, Reika [Kumogakure/Jounin]

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Hara, Reika [Kumogakure/Jounin]

Post by Çγαηide Çαηdγ ♥ on Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:13 am

Name: Hara, Reika
-Nickname: "Rapunzel"
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Kekkei Genkai: The Hara Clan



Reika stands at five feet and five inches, neither tall nor short. While her skin is not pale, it is also not particularly tan either. She is slender and though she is not particularly muscular, her body can withstand multiple physical blows. Her eyes are a simple blue color and her cheeks always seem to have a light pink tinge to them. She has a small sharp nose and somewhat thin lips. Believing what is one of her best features, Reika has blonde, almost pinkish colored hair. It lingers down to her lower back with gentle waves while short bangs rest just above her eyes. It is very well-kept and shines with good health. She can often be seen wearing a hair band to keep some of it in place. Her nails are almost always round and painted, usually being a pink color.

Casually, Reika can usually be seen wearing two different outfits. The first being shorts and a shirt which has long sleeves, though is cut off at the shoulders, leaving them exposed. If she isn't wearing that outfit, than it will more than likely be some sort of dress or an outfit consisting a skirt. The young woman can almost always be seen wearing some sort of jewelry, as well. It should be noted that Reika doesn't wear her village headband when dressed casually.

During missions and training, Reika can be seen wearing an all black jumpsuit. It is long sleeved, turtle-necked, and ends at her ankles. Also black, she will wear low-heeled boots that reach up just a little under her knees. Her hair will be pulled up into a high ponytail, bangs pushed back with her village headband, staying out of her way. A pouch can be see strapped around her right hip. She also wears the standard Kumo jounin vest.


Out of battle
Some people would call Reika naive or brave simply for the fact that she doesn't judge someone by their appearances, no matter how bad they look. She is well mannered and polite. When dealt with someone who is anti-social or unfriendly, she will continue to treat them kindly to a certain extent before giving up and either respectably excusing herself from them or avoid any more conversation that isn't absolutely necessary. While she is also calm, Reika does enjoy a good bit of fun. She enjoys jokes, going out with company, and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the young woman tends to become more easily worried than others. She is also a bit of a neat freak and detests when things are out of order, an example being a disorganized medical pouch or scroll collection.

In battle
Being the neat freak that she is, Reika honestly doesn't like to draw much blood in battles and would rather capture her enemy than to slay them on the spot. During battles, she is mute, only using her vocals when harmed. When communicating with her comrades, she keeps it simple and brief, saying only the absolute necessary. The young woman firmly believes acting brash or irrational can and probably will lead to trouble, so she is naturally calm and collected during these times, or at least acts like it for the sake of the mission and her comrades.

One of the most defining habits of the young woman is organizing. This is directly linked to her neat-freak tendencies. Anything unorganized or messy leaves Reika feeling somewhat awkward and makes her worry. Speaking of which, she tends to become easily worried. Reika also has the habit of what they call 'window-shopping', as well as painting her nails and grooming her hair.

    'Window shopping'
    Grooming herself and others
    Baths, saunas, ect.

    Green nail polish
    Ghost stories
    Sad stories


Lawful Good is known as the "Saintly" or "Crusader" alignment. A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty. A Lawful Good nation would consist of a well-organized government that works for the benefit of its citizens. Lawful Good characters include righteous knights, paladins, and other saintly characters. Lawful Good characters, especially paladins, may sometimes find themselves faced with the dilemma of whether to obey law or good when the two conflict - for example, upholding a sworn oath when it would lead innocents to come to harm - or conflicts between two orders, such as between their religious law and the law of the local ruler.

Goals: Reika's goals include becoming a stronger kunoichi, becoming someone's role model, and teaching other's her talents. She also hopes to work closer with the Raikage as well as her fellow jounin. She has also considered one day writing a guide to perfect organization, hoping it will help with maybe some of her messier comrades.


Rank: Jounin

1. Ninjutsu
2. Fuuinjutsu
3. Medical Ninjutsu
4. Weaponry

Chakra Element:
Advanced: N/A
First: Doton [Earth]
Second: Suiton [Water]
Third: N/A

Stat Points:
Strength: 2/5
Endurance: 3/5
Speed: 3/5
Dexterity: 3/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Wisdom: 3/5



{ 21 Years Ago }

Reika Hara was born on a warm summer day in the great village of Kumogakure, crying for her mother and father like most newborn babies. She was average sized, had her mother's hair, and her father's eyes. The newborn baby is given the name "Reika" and she is taken back home, safe and sound.

{ 18 Years Ago }

Being raised as an only child, Reika would spend majority of her time with her mother and father or by herself. She was rather found of playing outside, yet often complained and whined about becoming dirty. Her mother and father both bathed her many times a day and also groomed her continuously, much to her delight. Her father worked as a jounin-ranked ninja, while her mother was jobless and was spending most of her time tending to her child.

{ 15-13 Years Ago }

At the age of six, Reika can remember meeting her cousin for the first time. She was a year older and her name was Yuuka. Unfortunately, the circumstances of the meeting were unpleasant. Yuuka's mother and father had both died. Being the closest family, Yuuka then moved in with Reika and her parents. Yuuka was very quiet at first, always seemed lost in thought, and didn't ever cause any trouble. She was the first child that Reika could remember actually interacting with. Reika treated her like a sister she didn't have and eventually, Yuuka's shell cracked and they began to get along quite well. They did almost everything together. The two girls were just inseparable. It wasn't until Yuuka hit the age of eight, she was enrolled into the academy without Reika.

Of course, Reika begged to go along, but to no avail. She would have to wait a full year before also attending the academy with her cousin, also cutting down the time she would get to spend with her. After just a few weeks of Yuuka attending the academy, Reika sprouted the idea to simply follow her for the day. She had almost gotten away with it until she foolishly decided to lean against the classroom door in an attempt to listen, only to somehow slide it and fall into the classroom. Embarrassing herself as well as her cousin, she was sent home feeling guilty. She had interrupted the teacher's lesson, made a fool of herself, and embarrassed her cousin. It was then that she declared she would attempt to never again do something so irrational and brash.

Even after the incident, the two girls continued to get along. After all, they were practically like sisters and adored each other. How could they not? Eventually, Reika was able to find something to keep her busy while her cousin was gone. She got into the habit of tagging along with her mother whenever she would go shopping and browse hours on end, as well as go to saunas and hot springs with her.

{ 13-10 Years Ago }

Finally at the age of eight, Reika was enrolled into the academy. Though she was not in the same class as her cousin, she still saw her many times through-out the hallways, training, and breaks. Wanting to be a good student, the kunoichi furthered her already growing neat-freak tendencies and would organize her notes, kunai, shuriken, books, and scrolls to an extreme. She was praised for such actions, but would be teased by other students.

It was already decided she would specialize in ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu by her parents, for they wanted their daughter to be well educated in their clans secret techniques centering around hair manipulation. The same went for Yuuka. However, they were both forbidden to attempt in hair manipulation at such a young age and had been told to wait until they hit the age of ten. After all, the mother didn't want to put so much on them still during the first few years at the academy. It was possible the training would give them headaches or migraines, neck strain, and other things a like.

Of course, Yuuka turned ten first and began practicing hair manipulation right away. Reika would watch her as Reika's mother supervised. Many times, nothing would happen or Yuuka would get a head ache. A few weeks went by until progression finally showed. Reika can remember how shocked and intrigued she was. Sure, Yuuka only extended the length of her hair by a few inches, but it was quite amazing to her. In preparation and excitement, Reika began taking an extreme amount of care in her hair. Yuuka and Reika would do it together and by time Reika turned ten, her training proved to go much smoother than Yuuka's. Though she was able to do it in half the time Yuuka had, as well as grew more, she suffered from more intense head aches and straining. Her cousin also became genin-ranked, much to her family's delight.

The following year, Reika also became genin-ranked, determined to become a good kunoichi for Kumogakure no Sato.

{ 8-7 Years Ago }

At the age of thirteen, Reika had done well as a genin. All her teammates got along, her sensei was that of a good one, and they were all able to carry out their missions successfully. The young kunoichi watched out for her comrades. In fact, her neat-freak tendencies served to be quite the positive trait when it came to things such as organizing everyone's weapon pouch, wherever they laid for camp during missions, and things a like. Her cousin also did well as a genin.

After turning fourteen, both Reika and Yuuka (fifteen at the time) participated in the Chuunin Exams. Though they were not on the same team, the two girls attempted to help each other out whenever they could. They both intended to make it through the Chuunin Exams with a higher rank. While it would seem the two teams were able to work together, one of Yuuka's team mates was not so fond of the idea. The team mate often argued with Reika and her team just for the sake of arguing and was rather keen on working by himself. It was a miracle they were all able to get through majority of the exams without any serious injury, especially with all the arguing and bickering.

Finally, it came down to one on one fighting and although not all of Reika's and Yuuka's team mates got as far as them, they all did fairly good. The only two things the girls feared was either dying during the exams or being forced to fight each other. Luckily, neither of those two things happened. Both girls along with a few other shinobi were made Chuunin after the exams.

{ 4-2 Years Ago }

While most of her missions had gone successfully, at the age of seventeen, Reika had the rather horrid experience of losing a comrade. Though it was not her fault, of course the young kunoichi felt overwhelming grief and guilt. She had never experienced pain the way she had at the funeral of her comrade. Unfortunately, bad luck continued and as she attempted to stronger herself in her clan techniques, suffering major migraines and straining. After training very hard, she would fall into a deep sleep, sometimes for days. Her family eventually forbid her from training excessive amounts a day, convincing her that her comrade's death was not because she wasn't strong enough.

After dealing with the ordeal, a year went by and before she knew it, Yuuka moved out. It felt weird not having her cousin around and it began to make Reika feel lonely. She would often visit her cousin, but eventually she came to realize that she would need to socialize with other people besides her family. It soon startled her how much she enjoyed meeting new people and why she hadn't attempted to mingle with others more often. Soon, she was talking and go out with all sorts of new people, and although she wasn't the most popular girl around, Reika had various contacts and the sort. Of course, the young woman never forgot her role as a kunoichi and was still professional during the times needed.

At the age of nineteen, Reika was promoted to jounin-ranked. Just like her cousin, she moved out at this age and into her own apartment. With her new rank, she proceeded to take up two more specialties, them being medical ninjutsu and weaponry. She also found herself more capable of using her hair manipulation techniques.

{ 1 Year Ago - Present }

With a new load of her clan techniques and other minor specialty techniques, Reika liked to vision herself becoming quite the strong kunoichi. She often wondered if she would ever been given a squad or even a single student to work with. This was an exciting period for Reika and even though she worked very hard, she also didn't forget about things she enjoyed.

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