Beta Ending!!

Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:07 pm by WTFlash

Alright ladies and gentlemen, the site exists and many of you have already posted and a select few are already approved. It's time to really kick things off with the real release! The plot will be posted; bijuu locations will be discovered and you can begin interaction in the game itself.

But no game works without a staff!

I have talked to and assigned many individuals already, however, if you …

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The Bijuu

Tue May 04, 2010 2:58 am by WTFlash

--The Bijuu

Centipede - A large three eye'd Centipede beast with the extending tail of a scorpion. A beast known for its ability to mimic and copy cat other insect, the Centipede Bijuu is one of espionage and deceit. It has the power to transform and change every aspect of itself to be almost the same. Everything from appearance, to scent, to chakra signature. However, when mimicking a human, …

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Project Shinobi -- The Plot Thickens

Mon May 03, 2010 12:10 am by WTFlash


This is a naruto roleplay experience experiment in which the site has been formulated from what I feel is the best aspects of every site that I have been to, and complete them in a way that is both simple and complex. Taking experiences and ideas from 'Ingoo' 'U.S.' 'Mura of Shinobi' 'TNRPG' 'Shinobi Armada' 'Naruto Legacy' 'Naruto Revolved' 'Naruto: Joukaiden' …

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Project Shinobi Map

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Project Shinobi Map

Post by WTFlash on Mon May 03, 2010 12:51 pm

Enlarged Version

--World Map
Here at Shinobi Confrontation we have a map provided that has the areas in which all RPing will take place. This map has been modified from the original map to show the places that one can go, as you can see, the black area is uninvolved area. The water leading out to the ocean is also considered "off limits" but why worry about that when you have so many other things to do!

The map features the three involved great nations, and the surrounding nations that, will become your adventure during this roleplay. Each country has been sectioned off into regions and each region has it's own status of affiliation. In other words, this decides whether a village is neutral, or favors one specific nation. If a nation favors your country, it will be hospitable toward your shinobi and act as an extension of your territory, so doing missions and making connections is important for the well being of your country.

No matter the 'favor' of a territory, any one is allowed to simply pass through, and even complete missions in these lands. Those colored territories specific to a nation are a bit different. These are always in the favor of their nation, and cannot be changed by invasion or status, but are solidified areas territories of the great nation.
--Traveling rules
This is a good time to refer to the map itself...

Unlike in the past, travel posts have been done in many different ways that constituted that you jump from the main map to a "random travel area" and then to another map. This is a bit different in that, with a working and functional map already in place, it is much easier to literally travel from place to place, then to jump back and forth between a hovering "travel world". Here is how it works...

There is a 25 word post limit on travel posts. Thus, the distance you want to travel will increase the travel post limit. You must post this 25 word requirement in every region that you are traveling through. If you only need to hop a single boarder, then you only have to post 25 words and you are there! Easy right?

To make things simple, posting [traveling] in your posts title can make this easily organized. Travel posts will most likely be quickly moved to the archives for organization purposes.

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Re: Project Shinobi Map

Post by WTFlash on Tue May 04, 2010 11:25 am

--Area Descriptions

Fire Country-

-Konohagakure: Hidden Leaf is one of the most powerful ninja villages in the world. The village was founded approximately 65 years before the start of the series when several ninja clans came together. These included the Senju Clan of the Forest, which included the brothers who would become First and Second Hokage and the Uchiha Clan under Uchiha Madara. In the beginning the gathered group was essentially a ninja unit; with the First's death his younger brother established the village infrastructure. By the end of the first Ninja World War, Konoha had grown and its citizenship diversified. Konoha has a strong tradition of protecting its own and the Kyuubi attack provided the best example. The villages Fourth Hokage gave his life by trapping the Kyuubi within Uzumaki Naruto. Later on the Third Hokage would also give his life in battle protecting the village. Over the years Konoha has gone to war with many of its neighboring countries, but new ties of alliance have been forged in recent years.

-Boarder Town: Also known as Crater City; this was featured as the second stop on Naruto and Jiraiya's travels to find Tsunade, this city is located in a ground depression. Like many cities in the region, this city hold festivals throughout the year. This is located in north-west Fire nation, Northwest of Konoha.

-Tanzaku Gai: Tanzaku Gai is the location of the historic Tanzaku castle. Watching over the city, the gigantic castle stood for many years until it was destroyed. The city itself was left untouched. Now, it is a main military fort that serves as a defense for a large area of the Fire Nation. This territory is in the south-west of Fire Country, south-west of Konoha.

-Otafuku Gai: Located approximately 12 kilometers from Konoha is Otafuku City, home of the Fun Fun Street kanrakugai (pleasure quarter). It is marked by many hotels and entertainment venues. This was Naruto and Jiraiya's first stop on their journey to find Tsunade. On the map, this is situated in the center of Fire Nation, just east of Konoha.

-Fire Temple: This temple is home to specially trained monks. One such monk was Chiriku, one of the daimyou's Twelve Guardians. The temple was is a practice of both peaceful and militaristic arts that make it too a great fortress in it's own right. Many shinobi come here to further their training.

-High Grass Plains: The High Grass Plains are one of the reasons that the Fire Nation was given it's name. During dry seasons, massive wildfires claim this area, however only to return the nutrient to the soil and give birth to the next generation of grasses. These grass, over years of such temperament have grown to large proportions; in some places standing taller then the average man. In this area, there are few trees, but rather, a forest of impressively tall grasses.

-South Wetlands: To the south is a territory still owned by the Fire Nation as a link to the south an Tea Country. This is mainly a farming land as with a gulf to its left and the sea to the right including an open aquifer that sits under it, the ground is most of saturated with water and light flooding is common. Seconded only by the Rice Country itself in production of grains an rices and the main subsistence for all of the Fire Nation. Located in the far South.

Lightning Country-

-Kumogakure: Hidden Cloud is one of the more powerful ninja villages in the world, allowing its leader to be called a "Kage." As such it is one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. Approximately 9 years before the start of the series, Hidden Cloud and Leaf were locked in war. The two countries decided to sign a peace treaty to end the conflict. Unfortunately Hidden Cloud used the treaty signing as a means to gain access to Leaf and then kidnap Hyuuga Hinata and get the Byakugan. Cloud is also one of the shinobi countries to utilize Jinchuuriki. Today it has one of the most thriving economic nations with a powerful military guarded by many natural barriers.

-Mountain Range: Located south-west of lightning country, the Mountain Range itself is composed of a series of high elevations dips and valleys featuring large cone like peaks that make traversing due to the extreme differences in elevation between each individual peak. Only Kumogakure shinobi are aware of the hidden passage ways through these territories. With steep slopes, only the most adaptive of beast can survive here.

-Unraikyo: Located South-east of Kumogakure, Uniraikyo is a series of water filled valleys decorated with the peaks of hill and mountains. Here, the fog and clouds, saturated with water, lay heavy and dark often shrouding the area. Lightning storms are common in this area. It is near impossible to navigate by water without prior maps and knowledge of the region and many ships are lots annually attempting to sale through the thick and dangerous fogs.

-Northern Summit: North of Kumogakure and extending to the north, the highest peak of all is located here. The combination of high elevation and its northward position leave it covered in ice and snow many times of the year, making it traitorous for normal travelers. Even still, the Lightning Monks make these mountains their home; sheltering their many temples that are scattered through out the clouds.

-Swamp Island: An island that once belong to Water Country but was bought by Kumogakure in a settlement between the two nations, the swamp island is a large, jungle like island that sits just above sea level. During times of tide, up to 40% of the island is covered in water. However, a vast amount of strange plant and beast life make this their home. Otherwise isolated, a ferry runs to this island and to surrounding ports a refuel stations. Once campared to Konoha's "Forest of Death". Locate in the south of Lightning Country Territory.

Earth Country-

-Iwagakure: Hidden Rock is one of the more powerful ninja villages in the world, allowing its leader to be called a "Kage." As such it is one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. Approximately 13 years before the start of the series, the village was at war with Leaf. Their invasion path took them through the Grass Country. In the canon, he efforts of the man who became Fourth Hokage and his team consisting of Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Obito and Rin helped turned back their assault.

-Northern Plateau: These are the plateaus of the north of Iwagakure that extend to the north of Earth Nation. This is feature by a massive cliff and a long flat surface that is said to have been the result of a major tectonic shift; The very earthquake that created the conditions in which Iwagakure was founded upon. Atop this plateau is a vast prairie that makes home to many different species.

-Western Pass: The area directly southwest of Iwagakure; This is territory governed by the Earth Temple and its natives. This is a land of rich culture and due to the massive clay and silt deposits have given birth to massive man made structures. The Western P

-Eastern Pass: The area directly east of Iwagakure; This land is the home of many guyers as a result of the geothermal activities bellow the crust. Known as the "breathing earth" area, this is home to many natural hot springs that others have happily capitalized on with a series of recreational and vacation places. Small spa villages have popped up here and there along with a thriving night life, black market and even an organized mafia.

-Central Pass: The area directly south of Iwagakure; This is home to an old military fort that has since been outfitted for use of shinobi. Now, it is the main military fortress of the Earth Nation with power that rivals even that of Iwagakure itself. It is able to easily and quickly distribute man power and resources to surrounding areas. The rocky yet flat lands of this area allow scouts to see incoming enemies miles away from the forts from its watch towers.

-Jagged Earth Formation: The area East of the Central Pass, the Jagged Earth Formation is an area that was once ravaged by earthquakes. Thus the ground itself has been churned and ground into large area of seemingly random and unstable rock formations. Over time, the combination of erosion and sediment runoff has resulted in the settling of these formations, but even still, minor quakes are enough to topple many off balance formations. With thousands of small open caves and a variety of elevations, this area is amazing for ambush and traps.

-Mining District: The area South of the Central Pass, this is the main industrial and economic are with many villages stationed around mineral deposit strip mines. Those who live here are either workers in the mines themselves or provide for those who do. Many large craters are formed from where the old mines were once form. Many resources here are outsourced to other nations, providing a large amount of income for the Earth Nation.

River Country-

-River Formation: This is where the run off from Rain County gathers to form the flowing waters of River Countries rivers. A slow rolling hill with many small rooted trees and brush and hundreds of creeks flow and mirge into one area. Usually always muddy; this area is poor for footing.

-Great Country River: This is the great River that passes through the entire nation, cutting it in half. One each side is a bank; linked with tropical style trees while the river itself is nearly 400meters wide, making the majority of battle on the river itself. Dont fall in, or the fast current will quickly become your enemy.

-River Delta: This is where the fresh waters of River Country are released into the gulf in the south. The River opens into many small streams forming the sandy islands of a Delta. The interweaving water systems are a favorite place for locate fishermen to net the catch that grows upstream.

Rain Country-

-Industrial District: A highly advanced, highly industrialized city; this has been for the longest time been considered the most advanced area in all of the Great Nations Continent. It even has its own Power Plant; a concrete and metal jungle with an impressive drainage system to supplement the extraordinary amounts of rain this region gets.

-Flood Plains: This area has been ravaged by extreme rain. The sediment run off has all but raped the soil of nutriance and all that is left is the silt sand and clay deposits; plants are rare here, however many species that thrive in the mud take refuge in the year round wet season of Rain Country.

Bird Country-

-Hanging Garden: This is a marvelous natural architecture of wide branch forests and trees. The Special plants and flowers grow off of existing plants and as a result, many flowers and vegetation grow above ground level in the trees themselves. In the Spring, this becomes home to hundreds to migrating bird species; a migration that has given Bird Country it's name.

-Bird Country Capital: The Bird Country Capital is the home of the Daiymo of the nation as well as many clans that have taken place here. Once a hidden village, the village itself has downgraded to a normal village an thus has lost all shinobi affiliation since. It has remained a diplomatic and political hub and is one of the only nations with a University level education and library.

Grass Country-

-Bamboo Forest: The Grass Country is known for two major forest types that aren't seen anywhere else. The first is known as Bamboo forest. Bamboo is known as the fastest growing plant in existence. Here, it has grown to massive size and has thus dominated this area in a vast forest of giant bamboo shoots.

-Giant Mushroom Forest: The Grass Country is known for two major forest types that aren't seen anywhere else. The second is known as Giant Mushroom forest. The moisture from the Rain Country eventually hovers over this area, making it increasingly humid. Many spore based mushroom formations have grown in giant proportions. Until normal mushrooms, these hard hardened over time becoming close to rock like formation.

Waterfall Country-

-Cliff's Waterfall: This is a land much like Konha geographically with the exception of an impressive depression in the earth itself in which a massive waterfall spills ground water out into into a lake at the surface. In a modern miracle of geographic formation, this is the only place that ground water instantly becomes surface water as the two tectonic plates of a continent meet.

-Limestone Caverns: The aquifers that are was once under the nation has hollowed out into a series of caves that. Above ground is the ceiling of the caverns themselves; they are the rock formations that haven't broken down over time due to erosion. Link a sponge, there are many holes that lead to the caverns bellow, however this is a laberynth of sorts, and if you cannot navigate these tunnels you may have a hard time traveling through them.

Northern Country-

-Snowport: The northern point of Northern country situated between Waterfall and Rice Countries. This is for the most part a snow covered region that as a result of its northern position and being surrounded by water itself, experiences a cold wet season. This is a fishing hub in which the northern Sea is harvested for its fish and crustacean populations. One can take ferries to and from the snow ports to avoid the dangers of traveling by foot.

-Eldest Ruins: This was once a settlement of the beginnings of a city. This city was to be build over what was already the remains of an ancient tribal civilization. However, due to the birth of ninjutsu and the construction of much more powerful nations, this area was seemingly abandoned for higher opportunities else where. Today, it is an archeological treasure chest, and home to only a few who enjoy the rural scenery.

Rice Country-

-Rice Country: The rice country is one giant farming country, where flooded layers used to control water levels and advanced irrigation make for miles and miles of rice plant covered hills. There is no other demographic of this area besides the rice production. Rice Country Rice is distributed all across the great nations.

Eastern Plains-

- Insect Territory: Once territory of both Kumogakure and Konoha at different times, the vast number of bugs, both big and small prevented the ecosystem form being accurately controlled. Here, all sorts of rare bugs and bug colonies exist, both above and under ground. Sometimes interaction between these species can be violent, and if thats the care, you had better not be between an insect and its opponent; or even worse, being the opponent himself.

-Thriving Forest: This is a thriving forest at the edge of the Insects Territory. Here, the plants, not the animals, are the ones that you have to watch out for. Carnivorous plants exist, and though they rarely have to eat, you dont want to have to be that meal. While half the size of Konoha's Forests, it is thick and contains many rare species of fruits and herbs.

Southern Peninsula-

-Southern Peninsula: This is a low grass rolling area with spotted trees that has a port in which resources come in and out from the sea. From this point, there are many trade routes that have been engraved in the ground simply be the traffic of traveling hooves feet an wheels. Once apart of Tea Country until the ninjutsu revolution.

Eastern Island-

-Eastern Island: An island that one belong to Water Country. Water Country was forced to give this island up as they didn't have the resources to keep it. All villages that were ones there are now abandoned and what is left is a normal island. With many over grown and abandoned structures that are slowly being re-taken by the land.

Valley Pass-

-Valley Pass: This is the pass that leads to Kumogakure. This valley begins to lead into the mountains themselves and be following the lowlands carved from river flow run off of the mountains themselves, you can go straight to Kumogakure; however, at the price of giving away height advantage...


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