Beta Ending!!

Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:07 pm by WTFlash

Alright ladies and gentlemen, the site exists and many of you have already posted and a select few are already approved. It's time to really kick things off with the real release! The plot will be posted; bijuu locations will be discovered and you can begin interaction in the game itself.

But no game works without a staff!

I have talked to and assigned many individuals already, however, if you …

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The Bijuu

Tue May 04, 2010 2:58 am by WTFlash

--The Bijuu

Centipede - A large three eye'd Centipede beast with the extending tail of a scorpion. A beast known for its ability to mimic and copy cat other insect, the Centipede Bijuu is one of espionage and deceit. It has the power to transform and change every aspect of itself to be almost the same. Everything from appearance, to scent, to chakra signature. However, when mimicking a human, …

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Project Shinobi -- The Plot Thickens

Mon May 03, 2010 12:10 am by WTFlash


This is a naruto roleplay experience experiment in which the site has been formulated from what I feel is the best aspects of every site that I have been to, and complete them in a way that is both simple and complex. Taking experiences and ideas from 'Ingoo' 'U.S.' 'Mura of Shinobi' 'TNRPG' 'Shinobi Armada' 'Naruto Legacy' 'Naruto Revolved' 'Naruto: Joukaiden' …

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Kita - Karimura

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Kita - Karimura

Post by Tai on Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:58 am

Clan Name: Kita - Karimura [Northern Hunting Village]

Clan Traits: All clan members possess either blue , grey or very rarely amber eyes and have natural affinity with the water element, though mostly prefer hand to hand combat and the use of swords or bows rather than casting spells.

Clan Abilities:

The Karimura sense of hearing is worth noting… so sharp that it can detect the sound of a person’s breathing or a single rain drop dashing itself against the ground, it is so acute, so near that of an animal that it is rumoured that the clan itself is not altogether human. These rumours are, well lies to put it bluntly… the Karimura are human, humans which posses the blessings of a unique bloodline trait that grants them this incredible sense of hearing. Noises that would deafen a normal person present an understandable danger but a their talent has its defences, inside their ears is an odd mechanism consisting of the same membranes and bones as is usual of a human ear but with the addition of a pair of minute external ‘sensors’ that upon detected noises above the usual safety level will trigger the closing of soundproof 'doors' in the auditory canal that will effectively shut the ear to any external noise and protect the drum and other vital components from damage . The Karimura , not willing to dissect family members, are not aware of the more scientific details surrounding the talents in their inhuman anatomy.



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