Beta Ending!!

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, the site exists and many of you have already posted and a select few are already approved. It's time to really kick things off with the real release! The plot will be posted; bijuu locations will be discovered and you can begin interaction in the game itself.

But no game works without a staff!

I have talked to and assigned many individuals already, however, if you …

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The Bijuu

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--The Bijuu

Centipede - A large three eye'd Centipede beast with the extending tail of a scorpion. A beast known for its ability to mimic and copy cat other insect, the Centipede Bijuu is one of espionage and deceit. It has the power to transform and change every aspect of itself to be almost the same. Everything from appearance, to scent, to chakra signature. However, when mimicking a human, …

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Project Shinobi -- The Plot Thickens

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This is a naruto roleplay experience experiment in which the site has been formulated from what I feel is the best aspects of every site that I have been to, and complete them in a way that is both simple and complex. Taking experiences and ideas from 'Ingoo' 'U.S.' 'Mura of Shinobi' 'TNRPG' 'Shinobi Armada' 'Naruto Legacy' 'Naruto Revolved' 'Naruto: Joukaiden' …

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Take, Demo [Jounin of Kumogakure No Sato, WIP]

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Take, Demo [Jounin of Kumogakure No Sato, WIP]

Post by Dr. K on Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:55 pm

Name: Take, Demo
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Kekkei Genkai:

The Take Clan of Kumogakure

Bamboo Manipulation/Element/竹要素- Ninja who are part of this clan have the ability to manipulate bamboo/Kusaton Element. The elemental affiliations with this technique are doton and suiton as these two associate the best with bamboo. This clan was a descendant of a clan that was known for its ability to manipulate wood. No other clan, not even plant clans, can manipulate bamboo as well as the Take Clan can. Those who manipulate bamboo are able to manipulate it in ways man can and can not use it, and also, some members of the clan (3/10) can manipulate their body with the bamboo. This clan's ultimate weakness is raiton chakra, technique, clans, ect.


Underneath it all:
Take, Demo is very, prominent looking. His hair is as black as night almost, but it's somewhat short. He keeps his hair clean and washes it daily. His face is very symmetrical. His eyes brows, and eye lashes are just as dark as his hair. His eyes are dark green. He has gray, rectangular tattoos on each side of his cheek. His nose and mouth are normal sized.

His clothing though is filled with pride for his clan. He wears a dark green jacket, instead of that of the regular Jounin jacket, it is a deep earth like green. Down the center is a gray-strip, which are what connect the jacket. On the left-hand side of the chest area of the jacket his his headband protector which is actually there to protect his heart, if a kunai or sword were to bee targeted there. On the left arm sleeve is the Take Clan symbol. He wears dark gray pants that have green trim running down the sides of them. On his right leg he wears a white bandage that has a black wrap on top which holds a pouch. He wears normal black shinobi sandals. Take, Demo is 6"3 and is 120 lbs.

Second Persona Clothing:

Demo will wear a black, slim armor like chest plate that is very light and has no power/mechanics whatsoever. He will wear blackish like pants. His hair will be left as it is when he is sane, but he will put red circles around his eyes. In this form also, he will wear his black mask, that has a white question mark carved into it. At his feet, he wears black shinobi sandals. This clothing is not really warn by him, unless his insanity takes control. The reason for the dark clothing could be that he wishes to hide his identity in this state, as if he does not want to be seen as Take, Demo, but someone else.

-Out battle
-In battle



Rank: Jounin

1. Fuuinjutsu
2. Ninjutsu
3. Taijutsu
4. Medical Ninjutsu

Chakra Element:
Advanced: Kusaton/Grass/Bamboo
First: Doton
Second: Suiton
Third: N/A

Stat Points:
Strength: 3/5
Endurance: 3/5
Speed: 3/5
Dexterity: 1/5
Intelligence: 3/5
Wisdom: 1/5


Your character history. Unlike the normal 'history' process, only the important facts of your characters life are needed. Making a time line is not a bad idea, but doesn't need to be a story long

RP Sample:
A link to a sample of your standard RP expectations. Only necessary for Chunnin and up Applications.
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