Beta Ending!!

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, the site exists and many of you have already posted and a select few are already approved. It's time to really kick things off with the real release! The plot will be posted; bijuu locations will be discovered and you can begin interaction in the game itself.

But no game works without a staff!

I have talked to and assigned many individuals already, however, if you …

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The Bijuu

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--The Bijuu

Centipede - A large three eye'd Centipede beast with the extending tail of a scorpion. A beast known for its ability to mimic and copy cat other insect, the Centipede Bijuu is one of espionage and deceit. It has the power to transform and change every aspect of itself to be almost the same. Everything from appearance, to scent, to chakra signature. However, when mimicking a human, …

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Project Shinobi -- The Plot Thickens

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This is a naruto roleplay experience experiment in which the site has been formulated from what I feel is the best aspects of every site that I have been to, and complete them in a way that is both simple and complex. Taking experiences and ideas from 'Ingoo' 'U.S.' 'Mura of Shinobi' 'TNRPG' 'Shinobi Armada' 'Naruto Legacy' 'Naruto Revolved' 'Naruto: Joukaiden' …

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Kaisen Sankakusu [Konohagakure/Hokage] Complete

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Kaisen Sankakusu [Konohagakure/Hokage] Complete

Post by vershnekit on Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:01 pm

Name: Kaisen, Sankakusu
-Title/Honorific: Godaime Hokage, Hokage-sama, Godaime
-Nickname: Aoiro Hebi - The Blue Serpent
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Kekkei Genkai: Hensen


Sankakusu stands 5’10”, making his relatively average in height, and weighs 180lbs. He has long silky brown hair down to his waist that he keeps tied loosely in a ponytail with a light-blue string. His eyebrows are slanted downward slightly and seem to weigh heavy on his forehead, as if his mind is constantly working. His jaw is strong, as would be expected from a man of his caliber, and his lips never quiver. His body is toned from all his years training, but he is not so strong as to be over burdened by a huge amount of muscle. Running down the left side of his neck, over his left shoulder and all the way to his wrist is a snake tattoo that mixes in tribal symbols.
When not in the formal Hokage robe and hat, Sankakusu prefers to where a traditional men’s kimono. The hakama, or pants, are light blue almost gray in color with multiple lines along that bottom in a darker gray-blue color. His robe he wears is also made of a light blue silk, though the pattern seems to resemble the bottom of a clear pond when the sun shines through the top. He wears the kimono robe with only one arm in the sleeve usually as a sign of being relaxed, but in time of seriousness he will pull back on the other sleeve. A dark blue sash keeps the robe on and the ends run down the front of his hakama. On his feet he wears wooden clogs that he can quickly kick off in times when he would prefer to be barefoot. He is also almost always seen carrying around a Katana, it once belonged to his sister when she was in ANBU and now he chooses not to part with it.

Alignment: Neutral
Goals: To protect Konoha and honor the lives lost in the Kyuubi's attack.
-Out battle:
Sankakusu spent most of his time with the Fourth and Third Hokage before their deaths, because of this he shares a number of similarities in actions with his former friends. When in meetings or on official Konoha business he can be a shrewd businessman, always being sure to get the best for his people. While he doesn’t have strong opinions about the position that rank affords, he tends to respond more aptly to those he views as having more experience. He greatly respects his elders, often calling upon his former sensei, now councilor, to discuss his thoughts. He is not above asking for other’s opinions on most matters, though he tends to be more secretive about his true intentions on the matters that he does discuss. Having seen and been responsible for many less than savory actions, Sankakusu loves and respects the innocence of youth, so much so that he dotes upon students in the ninja academy, much like the Third Hokage once did. When in the company of friends he tends to have a more lively personality, laughing and smiling like any other person. Even though he allows himself a good time in those situations he is always making sure to keep himself in check. Mainly he likes his life to be as calm as possible, he tends to take frequent trips to the Fire Temple and can also be found running meditative taijutsu sessions.

-In battle:
When it comes to fighting Sankakusu has been involved in all manner of situations. Assassination, one on one, coordinated team efforts, and all out war. Due to his extensive repertoire he is cold and calculative when it comes to his fighting style. He is able to assess situations extremely fast, allowing for the quite creation of strategies and the coordination of efforts between groups. He tend to focus his own efforts at his strengths in suiton ninjutsu, using his other abilities to give strength, such as adding futon or katon to improve potency and power. Sankakusu is also a skilled genjutsu and taijutsu user, due to this and his other strengths he is able to use most distances to his advantage, rather than being stuck as a close, mid, or long range fighter. While many find battle enjoyable, for Sankakusu it is a bitter chore that must be done; he never relishes the fact that he must fight, preferring to end a battle as quick as possible, whenever possible.

The most notable of Sankakusu’s habits is his carrying around of the large blue katana that belonged to his sister wherever he goes. He tends to thumb the wrappings around the handle when he thinks, as if he is searching for answers from her. Sankakusu also has a fixation with his hands, when his nails are long he feels overly dirty, and when talking with people he doesn’t like to leave his hands holding nothing so he tends to stick his thumb inside the sash of his robe.

--Performing Martial Arts
--Visiting the Ninja Academy
--Playing Shogi
--Having to fight
--Crying children


Rank: Hokage

1. Ninjutsu
2. Fuuinjutsu
3. Genjutsu
4. Taijutsu

Chakra Element:
First: Suiton {Water Release}
Second: Fuuton {Wind Release}
Third: Katon {Fire Release}

Stat Points:
Strength: 3/5
Stamina: 4/5
Speed: 4/5
Agility: 4/5
Intelligence: 5/5
Wisdom: 5/5


Birth: It was during the Second Great Shinobi World War that the last two children of the Kedouin clan were born, they were fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. Sankakusu was the first to be born of the two, being born a few minutes before his sister Kawaridane.
7 years old: When the two of them were 7 there parents enrolled them in the ninja academy. Sankakusu spent three years training underneath the tutors there, his sister graduated in two years.
10 years old: Sankakusu graduated from the academy with both the highest marks in the written and practical examination. He later was put on a special team under Homura Mitokado, a former team member and counsilor of third Hokage. Due to his team placement most of Sankakusu's mission as a genin were in counter-intelligence within the Land of Fire.
13 years old: Up until this point Sankakusu's father had remained a loyal aid to the Third Hokage, acting as a body double when times called for it. It was during one of these times that an assassination attempt on the Hokage occurred, the attempt was halted but at the expense of his father's life.
14 years old: Sankakusu was enlisted in the chuunin exams when he was 14, along with his team members from Team Homura. Sankakusu and his teammates all made it through the finals rounds of the chuunin exams and were subsequently promoted. Even with the promotion the team remained together for some time.
15 years old: It was during this point in his life that Sankakusu was sent on his first solo mission as a chuunin. Due to his great ability in suiton, some say possibly rivaling Tobirama Senju, he was sent to Amegakure where he was to make contact with a small but growing illegal organization and from there eliminate the threat. It took Sankakusu nearly a year to find, make contact, and assassinate all the members of the growing threat.
16 years old: While on the road to returning from Amegakure, Sankakusu's sister was killed in a ANBU mission, having been promoted the same year he became a chuunin. Sankakusu did not found out until he returned to Konoha nearly a month after her death. Upon return from his mission he was promoted to Jounin.
16 years old: After his Jounin promotion Sankakusu was placed on a ship within the Konohagakure coast guard to monitor movements from Kirigakire. He spent nearly two years aboard the ship acting as both a intelligence officer and a defense against incoming espionage attempts. The last attempt of note involved a Sunagakure jounin who was attempted to sneak through the borders from Kirigakure, Sankak. During this time he met and befriended Ryoushi, his pelican summon.
18 years old: At the behest of the Third Hokage Sankakusu used his KKG to replace the Sunagakure Jounin. From there he headed to Sunagakure as Soshaku Hitofuki, a wind focused shinobi, in order to gain information on the attempt and serve as a hidden assassin. He spent six months disguised as the jounin working and killing for Sunagakure with none the wiser, while he gained knowledge and insight for Konoha. When his mission was completed Sankakusu left Sunagakure and returned to Konoha, though he kept a mental image of Soshaku Hitofuki for future use.
19 years old: After his mission in Sunagakure he returned back to Konoha once again, and joined ANBU. From there he performed a large number of assassination missions earning himself the title of Aoiro Hebi or "The Blue Serpent" due to his exceptional use of suiton jutsu and that fact that none ever knew when he would strike.
21 years old: Having returned once again to his homeland, only to find that his mother had died of natural causes while he was away, Sankakusu decided it was time for a break. Leaving Konoha he journeyed to the Fire Temple where he joined the order of monks there to seek some manner of serenity in his life. While there he trained in martial arts and fire manipulation, alongside tending the gardens and meditating. He spent three years of his life at the Fire Temple before he was called back to Konoha by the Fourth Hokage.
25 years old: Sankakusu began serving as an aid to the Fourth Hokage alongside his former sensei Homura Mitokado. However, there came a time when he was asked to serve in the same capacity as his father once had, impersonating the Hokage in case of attack. Unlike his father, Sankakusu was able to prevent the attack without the lose of his life, gaining him the upmost respect from those who knew of the attempt.
28 years old: After serving as the Fourth Hokage's advisor and body-double for slightly over four years the worst came to be. The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox returned to attack Konoha. Sankakusu fought alongside the Fourth Hokage, aiding him to the best of his ability in the attack, though eventually the Fourth Hokage lost his life along with the retired Third Hokage. With no leadership left Sankakusu was chosen to the be the Fifth Hokage, a position he currently fills with honor.

RP Sample:
Link to written work

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Re: Kaisen Sankakusu [Konohagakure/Hokage] Complete

Post by WTFlash on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:22 pm

Thanks buddy!

Welcome to Konoha Sir Kage!



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